Wednesday, July 23, 2008


From 7/21 show
I was excited to see new albums from Bodies of Water, CSS, and the Black Kids in the studio, and as you might expect they received significant billing during my show. You may notice a Dave Matthews Band track on this playlist. Rest assured it was a call-in request, although I do have some fond memories of Under the Table and Dreaming back in 6th grade.

Mp3s are up as of 7/25.

Artist / Song
Bodies of Water / Gold, Tan, Peach & Grey
Mates of State / Help Help
Port O'Brien / The Rooftop Song
Porlolo / Tear You Down
Sunset / When Perfect Flames Expire
Bon Iver / Flume
Duke & Dutchess / I Am a Ghost
Fleet Foxes / Your Protector
Colin Meloy / Engine Driver (live)
Spiritualized / Soul on Fire
Dr. Dog / The Breeze
Patchwork / Spaceships
Dave Matthews Band / Ants Marching
CSS / Beautiful Song
Black Kids / Hurricane Jane
Bodies of Water / Darling, Be Here
King Khan & the Shrines / Welfare Bread
Titus Andronicus / My Time Outside the Womb
the Hold Steady / Joke About Jamaica
Matthew Ryan / Drunk & Disappointed
Alejandro Escovedo / Always a Friend
The Mae Shi / Run to Your Grave
Envelopes / Calypso
Lackthereof / Last November
Wolf Parade / Language City
TieDye / Nothing

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Face Down in the Right Town

7/14 Show
Nothing too special this week, just highlighted some upcoming concerts and played some new music.

Mp3 links are up! (as of 7/20)

Artist / Song
Titus Andronicus / My Time Outside the Womb
Wolf Parade / Fine Young Cannibals
King Khan & the Shrines / Outta Harm's Way
Spiritualized / I Gotta Fire
Lackthereof / Last November
Notwist / Gloomy Planets
Walkmen / Waltz (Red Moon)
Beck / Gamma Ray
Mates of State / Get Better
Feist / Past in Present
Low / Breaker
{{{ Sunset }}} / Man's Heart Complaint
Earlimart / Face Down in the Right Town
Dr. Dog / My Friend
The Dutchess & The Duke / Mary
Andrew Bird / Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
Porlolo / Breakdown
Morning Benders / Mother & Child Reunion
Alejandro Escovedo / Always a Friend
Hold Steady / Sequestered in Memphis
Bodies of Water / Gold, Tan, Peach & Grey
Hercules & Love Affair / Hercules Theme
Girl Talk / In Step
HEALTH / Tricerotops (Acid Girls remix)
Daedelus / Make It So (XXXxhange remix)
Goodbooks / Leni (Crystal Castles remix)
Knife / We Share Our Mother's Health

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best of 2008, Part One

From 7/7 Show
2008 is just over halfway crossed off on our calendars, meaning its time for my mid-year best-of list. It has been an interesting year in releases. Often I would think an album was top 10 worthy, but there was no clear number 1 or really even a clear top 5. For this reason, I have a feeling this list might shake up quite a bit by the end of the year.

I intended to do a Top 15, but once in the studio I realized I had listed two #12's. Whoops.

A recording of the show may be up in the near future if I deem it acceptable. I included myspace links for each band if you would like to get more familiar with their music.

Top 16 Albums of the Year Thus Far
16) Wolf Parade / At Mount Zoomer (myspace)
Language City

15) Bonnie "Prince" Billy / Lie Down in the Light (myspace)
Missing One

14) Hercules & Love Affair / Hercules & Love Affair (myspace)
Hercules Theme

13) Mates of State / Re-arrange Us (myspace)
My Only Offer
The Re-arranger

12) Girl Talk / Feed the Animals (myspace)
In Step
Hands in the Air

11) Dodos / Visiter (myspace)

10) Jamie Lidell / Jim (myspace)
Another Day
Little Bit of Feel Good

9) Port O'Brien / All We Could Do Was Sing (myspace)
I Woke Up Today
Stuck on a Boat

8) Born Ruffians / Red, Yellow & Blue (myspace)
Foxes Mate for Life

7) State Bird / Mostly Ghostly (myspace)
I Saw the Light
The Golden Glowing Mask

6) Titus Andronicus / The Airing of Grievances (myspace)
My Time Outside the Womb
Arms Against Atrophy

5) Los Campesinos! / Hold On Now, Youngster (myspace)
You! Me! Dancing!
Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats

4) Man Man / Rabbit Habbits (myspace)
Hurly / Burly
Top Drawer

3) Envelopes / Here Comes the Wind (myspace)
Smoke in the Desert, Eating the Sand, Hide in the Grass
What's the Deal?

2) Vampire Weekend / Vampire Weekend (myspace)

1) Cut Copy / In Ghost Colours (myspace)
So Haunted
Feel the Love

Honorable Mention - some of these I just didn't get to spend enough time with, so you might expect to see a couple of these climb my charts by year's end
Beach House / Devotion
No Age / Nouns
M83 / Saturdays=Youth
Mae Shis / HLLLYH
Notwist / The Devil, You + Me
Crystal Castles / Crystal Castles
Quiet Village / Silent Movie
Santogold / Santogold
Spiritualized / Songs in A & E

Thursday, July 3, 2008

the Green Room

From 7/1 "Green Room" Fill-In Show
Back in Crested Butte for less than 24 hours after a nice jaunt through the Midwest, I found myself in the DJ chair once again filling in for Faith's "The Green Room" show on Tuesday nights. It was a good time, with most of the tracks coming from the plethora of interesting new releases in the studio (thus the lack of mp3s for you guys).

Artist / Song
Wolf Parade / California Dreamer
Envelopes / Calypso
Mates of State / Re-Arrange Us
Earlimart / Hymn & Her
Fleet Foxes / Your Protector
Nico Stai / You Came Around
Albert Hammond Jr. / GfC
Modest Mouse / A Life of Arctic Sounds
Sun Kil Moon / Neverending Math Equation
Silver Jews / Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer
Gentlemen Caller / The Radio On
King Khan & the Shrines / Took My Lady to Dinner
Vivian Girls / Where Do You Run To
Velvet Underground / What Goes On (live 1969)
Dr. Dog / The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer
Built to Spill / Broken Chains (live 1999)
Vetiver / Roll on Babe
Kinks / Stranger
Bonnie "Prince" Billy / Where is the Puzzle
Grizzly Bear / While You Wait For Others
Port O'Brien / I Woke Up Today
Menomena / Wet & Rusting
Arcade Fire / Keep the Car Running
Hercules & Love Affair / Hercules Theme