Sunday, March 30, 2008

Plenty o' Links

Nothing too special to report about this week's show. A bunch of newly downloaded songs made up the bulk of it, so you all can reap the rewards with the plethora of links below.

No Bad Album Cover this week. Its getting hard to find the really good ones in the vinyl section.

Artist / Song

Man Man / Top Drawer
Jay Reatard / Always Wanting More
Fiery Furnaces / Duplexes of the Dead
Born Ruffians / Little Garcon
{{{ Sunset }}} / Man's Heart Complaint
Stephan Malkmus & the Jicks / Cold Son
Jonathan Richman / Modern World
Jonathan Richman / Old World
John Vanderslice / White Dove
State Bird / Hollerin' Mountains
Beirut / La Banlieu
Man Man / Ballad of Butter Beans
Whigs / Like a Vibration
Blakes / Don't Bother Me
Black Joe Lewis / Gunpowder
Amanaz / Khala my Friend
Esau Mwamwaya / Chalo
Esau Mwamwaya / Tengazako

Kevin Barnes / Jimmy
Walkmen / The Old Revolution
Walkmen / Tonight Will Be Fine

Sparrow House / When I Am Gone
Grizzly Bear / While You Wait For Others
She & Him / Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Born Ruffians / Hedonistic Me
She & Him / I Should Have Known Better
Belle & Sebastian / If You're Feeling Sinister
Antarctica Takes It! / Circuits
Afternoon Naps / Clean Bill of Health
These Dancin Days / Hitten
Stricken City / Tak o Tak
Jonathan Visger / Fish Eyes

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Bliss

St. Patrick's Day snuck up on me a bit, leaving me relatively unprepared for last night's show. On the bright side, it seems many of my unprepared shows go over well and feature a better mix of songs than my researched shows. I was elated to find a new album from Jonathan Richman in the studio, so I played a couple of songs from that CD. I also got my hands on a copy of Man Man's new album, so it was a good week in new music for me. I had a bit of fun mixing together 3 different versions of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes". I am looking into some DJ mixing software for my computer, so I thought I would play with some of the equipment in the studio in preparation.

No bad album cover this week. It was St. Patty's Day, and I was distracted.

Song mp3 links will be up shortly...

Artist / Song

DeVotchKa / Transliterator
Fiery Furnaces / Duplexes of the Dead
State Bird / I Saw the Light
Born Ruffians / Barnacle Goose
Man Man / El Azteca
Man Man / Top Drawer
Jens Lekman / Maple Leaves
Jonathan Richman / Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild
Jens Lekman / Friday Night @ the Drive-In Bingo
Jonathan Richman / The Lovers Are Here and They're Full of Sweat
Vampire Weekend / Walcott
Tom Thumb / Preach
Phosphorescent / Worried Blues
Nat Baldwin / Lake Erie
Of Montreal / Lysergic Bliss
Los Campesinos! / Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
Die! Die! Die! / Sideways Here We Come
The D'Urbervilles / Hot Tips
Prototypes / Je Ne Te Connais Pas
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks / Cold Son
M.I.A. / Paper Planes
M.I.A. / Paper Planes (Holy F*ck remix)
M.I.A. / Paper Planes (DFA remix)
Matt and Kim / Yea Yeah
MGMT / Time to Pretend
Patrick Wolf / Bluebells
Crystal Castles / Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. HEALTH)
Juan Maclean / By the Time I Get to Venus
Crystal Castles / Vanished
Vitalic / Pony Pt 2
LCD Soundsystem / Yeah (Crass Version)

Late Afternoon Snack Show

Got the chance to fill in for the "Late Afternoon Snack Show" on Thursday, March 13th. Its normally an upbeat electronic/hip-hop show, so I got to chance to get some of my techno tracks out of my system. Started off with a heavy dose of DFA related tracks and then played some darker, more house style songs. Its not really this valley's cup of tea, but I didn't get any hate calls, so that was nice. Some of you have probably heard all of these songs before, mainly because I don't keep up on the new house stuff like I used to.

A few song links appear below.

Artist / Song

Ghostland Observatory / Holy Ghost White Noise
Hot Chip / Hold On
Rapture / I Need Your Love
Radio 4 / Dance to the Underground (DFA remix)
YACHT / The Summer Song
M.I.A. / Paper Planes (DFA remix)
LCD Soundsystem / Tribulations (Lindstrom remix)
Liquid Liquid / Bellhead
Hercules and Love Affair / Blind
Rapture / Sister Saviour (DFA dub)
Nine Inch Nails / The Hand That Feeds (DFA remix)
LCD Soundsystem / Yeah (Pretentious Version)
Crystal Castles / Courtship Dating
LCD Soundsystem / Daft Punk is Playing at My House (Soulwax Shibuya remix)
Joakim / Drumtrax
Goodbooks / Leni (Crystal Castles remix)
Soulwax / Krack
Fischerspooner / Emerge
Royskopp / What Else is There? (Vitalic remix)
Freeform Five / No More Conversations (Mylo remix)
Peter Bjorn and John / Let's Call it Off (Girl Talk remix)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sans iPod, Computer, Plan

Normally I prepare for my show on Monday afternoon after I get off work around 4pm. I peruse my favorite websites for worthwhile downloads and listen to albums I may have ripped the previous week while at the studio. Unfortunately, around 12:30, while at Teo, I realized I had signed up to work a double at Teo that day. Thus, I got out of work at 10:10 and hustled down to the studio without iPod, computer, new downloads, or a plan at all. For the first time in many moons I had to resort to using only CDs in the KBUT collection. Its a very large collection with dozens of new CDs added each week, but it certainly altered my show. The spontaneous nature of the show allowed me ample time to sample local favorite Spring Creek Bluegrass Band's new album, which is quite enjoyable.

This week's Bad Album Cover is a period piece, of sorts. Who could look at that excellent flat-top and not instantly think of 1989? Its a time capsule from the cumulative year of the 80s, starring the not-then-famous Jay-Z (alias in '89: JAZ), who for some bizarre reason does not appear on the album cover. Lucky for you guys, I snapped a picture of the back cover.

Anyhow, because I used only CDs (and not readily available mp3s), there are no downloads this week. Sorry.

Artist / Song

Flight of the Conchords / Business Time *for Drew
Los Campesinos! / Don't Tell Me to Do the Math(s)
White Stripes / Hotel Yorba
Tokyo Police Club / Be Good (RAC mix)
Vampire Weekend / I Stand Corrected
State Bird / An Accident in the Woods
Tapes n Tapes / Just Drums
What Made Milwaukee Famous / For the Birds
Shins / Fighting in a Sack
DeVotchKa / Transliterator
Working for a Nuclear Free City / Sarah Dreams of Summer
Die! Die! Die! / Sideways Here We Come
Raveonettes / Aly, Walk with Me
Shaky Hands / Why and How Come
Spring Creek Bluegrass Band / Fiddler's Banjo
Beach House / Holy Dances
Spring Creek Bluegrass Band / Hello Operator
Spring Creek Bluegrass Band / That Dog'll Hunt
Kinks / The Village Green Preservation Society
Stephan Malkmus & the Jicks / Gardenia
Vampire Weekend / M79
Los Campesinos! / Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
Working for a Nuclear Free City / Apron Strings
State Bird / The Hollerin' Mountains
Hot Chip / Hold On
Crystal Castles / Courtship Dating
M.I.A. / Paper Planes (DFA remix)
N.E.R.D. / She Wants to Move (DFA remix)
Crystal Castles / Magic Spells
Daft Punk / Around the World/Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive 2007)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Two Hearted

THis past Monday was an enjoyable evening that compelled me to spin a mix of both new downloads and some "older" tracks that I don't play too often. Near the end of the show I practiced some electronic/techno-y tracks in preparation for filling in for LLL's four-on-the-floor style show next Thursday. It was a good night made even better by a Bell's Two Hearted IPA. Thanks Adam.

No Bad Album Cover this week. Fully absorb yourself in "Against the Wind" in the meantime.

No mp3 of the show, but several song links are below in the playlist.

Artist / Song

Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin / Modern Mystery
Tokyo Police Club / In a Cave
Los Campesinos! / Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
Helio Sequence / Can't Say No
DeVotchKa / Transliterator
Okkervil River / Plus Ones
Jacob Golden / On a Saturday
State Bird / Hollerin' Mountains
Xiu Xiu / No Friend Oh!
Los Campesinos! / This is How You Spell...
Cansei De Ser Sexy / Alcohol
MGMT / Time to Pretend
Ersen / Gonese Don Ciregim
Beta Band / Broken Up A Ding-Dong
State Bird / I Saw the Light
DeVotchKa / Head Honcho
Man Man / Black Mission Goggles
Papercuts / John Brown
Arcade Fire / Wake Up
Ra Ra Riot / Dying is Fine
Cut Copy / So Haunted
Why? / These Few Presidents
Modest Mouse / Never Ending Math Equation
Hot Chip / Hold On
LCD Soundsystem / Yeah (Crass Version)
LCD Soundsystem / Daft Punk is Playing at My House (Soulwax Shibuya mix)