Thursday, April 26, 2007

soundtracks are my girlfriend

First, a quick update: I will not be filling in tomorrow (Friday) because I will be in Denver (for a Martin Sexton concert) and basically out of Crested Butte. My buddy Drew is taking that time slot, so tune in for some good tunes from him if you like.

Following a successful whistling themed show the prior week, I decided to try out another themed edition of music is my girlfriend. This week it would be only music from soundtracks, preferably lesser known tracks if that would fly.

Artist / Song / Soundtrack

Roger Miller / Whistle-stop / Robin Hood (animated)
Huey Piano Lewis and the Clowns / Don't You Just Know It / Snatch
April March / Chick Habit / Death Proof
Santa Esmerelda / Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / Kill Bill V 1
Marvin Gaye / Got 2 Give It Up (pt 1) / Boogie Nights
The Jam / That's Entertainment (demo) / Stranger Than Fiction
ELO / Mr. Blue Sky / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Beta Band / Broken Up a Ding Dong / Igby Goes Down
Chris Farley / Fat Guy in a Little Coat / Tommy Boy
Molotov v. Dub Pistols / Here Comes the Mayo / Y Tu Mama Tambien
Dust Brothers / Space Monkey / Fight Club
Bruce Willis / Zed's Dead / Pulp Fiction
The Centurians / Bullwinkle Part II / Pulp Fiction
Mark Mothersbaugh / Ping Island-Lightning Strike Rescue Op / The Life Aquatic
Dr. No - James Bond Theme (Symphonic Version)
Cab Calloway / Minnie the Moocher / Blues Brothers
Taj Mahal / Ajax Piano Rag / Scrapple
Cat Stevens / Here Comes My Baby / Rushmore * request by Kyra
Lisa Loeb / Stay / Reality Bites * request by Sarah
Velvet Underground / Stephanie Says / Royal Tenenbaums
Folksmen / Start Me Up / Mighty Wind
And Now LIttle Green Bag... / Reservoir Dogs
George Baker Selection / Little Green Bag / Reservoir Dogs
Warren Zevon / Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead / same * request by Josh
The Muppets / FInale: the Magic Show / Muppet Movie
Pearl Jam / State of Love and Trust / Singles
Dr. Teeth + The Electric Mayhem / Can You Picture That / Muppet Movie * request by Drew
Soggy Bottom Boys / I am A Man of Constant Sorrow / O Brother Where Art Thou
Mazzy Star / Fade Into You / Angus
Craig DeGraff / Scooby Doo Mega Mix / Scooby's Snack Trax
Beck / Feather in Your Cap / Suburbia
13th Floor Elevators / You / High Fidelity
Al Hirt / Green Hornet / Kill Bill V 1
Chris Farley & David Spade / Graduation / Tommy Boy
Joy Division / Atmosphere / Trainspotting
Scherzo / Ninth Symphony: Second Movement / Clockwork Orange

Thanks to Josh, Drew & Andrew for hanging out in the studio and helping me make selections. Thanks to Sarah, Matt, Kyra and anyone else out there who was listening on the internet from oh so far away.

Friday, April 20, 2007

friday fill-in

Day shows are fun. Nearly half of the songs I played were requests from various parts of the country (Colorado, Ohio, Chicago, Boston, etc). Thanks to everyone who was able to tune in and take part in the fun. Also thanks to Drew, Josh & Zach for stopping by.

Twas like this...

Artist / Song / Album

Menomena / Wet and Rusting / Friend and Foe
Neil Young / A Man Needs a Maid-Heart of Gold Suite / Massey Hall 1971
Jarvis Cocker / Black Magic / Jarvis
Andrew Bird / Heretics / Armchair Apocrypha
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists / The High Party / Hearts of Oak
Modest Mouse / Missed the Boat / We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Los Straightjackets / Hey Lupe / Rock en Espanol Vol 1
Arcade Fire / Headlights Look Like Diamonds / Arcade Fire *request from Dick
Patrick Wolf / Overture / The Magic Position
Wilco / Handshake Drugs / Ghost is Born *call-in request
Lipbone Redding / Dogs of Santiago / Hop the Fence *call-in request
Modest Mouse / Fire it Up / We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank *Drew's request
I'm From Barcelona / Barcelona Loves You / Let Me Introduce My Friends
White Stripes / Death Letter / Under Blackpool Lights
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists / Sons of Cain / Living with the Living
Modern Lovers / Ride on Down the Highway / Precise Modern Lovers *Mom's request for Dad who is driving
Willie Nelson / Whiskey River / Songs *email request from Kyle
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists / Bottle of Buckie / Living with the Living *call-in request
Rhett Miller / Terrible Vision / The Instigator *request from Kellan
Augustana / Boston *request from Suz in Boston
LCD Soundsystem / Someone Great / Sound of Silver
Muscles / Ice Cream
The Blow / Hey Boy / Poor Aim: Love Songs
Fujiya and Miyagi / Collarbone / Transparent Things

I'll be filling in for the same show again next week, so violently circle your calendars with red permanent markers (as I'm sure your Monday nights have the same identifier).

Thursday, April 19, 2007

about to annoy le neighbors

Not that its radio related, but it does have sonic repercussions... I found a (or most of a) drum set on craigslist! Its about 2 hours away and really cheap so I'll be picking it up Friday afternoon. As excited as I am to learn this new hobby, I am sure my neighbors are even more enthralled.

I'll be filling in on KBUT tomorrow (Friday) at noon till 2pm. You east coasts and midwesters should tune in.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Can't Whistle

Last night I broadcast my first themed edition of Music is My Girlfriend. As a music fan, I am wildly ashamed of my inability to whistle (being that whistling is one of the basest human reactions to music, no?). To expose this great inadequacy and hopefully overcome it, I dedicated my entire show to songs that feature whistling in them. I also asked listeners to call in with tips and suggestions on how to whistle. Drew and Josh were in the studio for most of the show to ridicule me and show off their whistling talents. Alas, after 2 hours of practice I still am no closer to making that sweet whistling sound.

Nevertheless, we did lay down some great tracks (with a little dose of cheeseball just to keep things in order). Here's the tracklist:

Artist / Song / Album

Roger Miller / Whistle-Stop (formerly known on this blog as "Robin Hood Theme"
Andrew Bird / Simple X / Armchair Apocrypha
Beck / Sissyneck
Man Man / Van Helsing Boombox / 6 Demon Bag
Theme to Andy Griffith Show
Peter Bjorn and John / Young Folks / Writer's Block
Elvis / A Whistling Tune
John Phillip Sousa / Colonel Bogey's March (Theme from Bridge Over the River Kwai)
Pixies / La La Love You
Bobby McFerrin / Don't Worry Be Happy
Taj Mahal / Ain't Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo) / Best of Taj Mahal
Elliott Smith / Jealous Guy
Paul Simon / Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
Harlem Globetrotters / Sweet Georgia Brown
*this song prompted poorly executed freestyle bball moves to break out in the studio
Dr. John / Big Chief
Bernard Herrman / Twisted Nerve
Supertramp / Goodbye Stranger
Girl Talk / Minute by Minute
*I highly doubt the previous 3 songs have ever been played on the radio in succession before
Otis Redding / Sittin on the Dock of the Bay
Cat Power / After It All / The Greatest
Guns N Roses / Patience / Live Era 87-93
Andrew Bird / Dark Matter / Armchair Apocrypha
Built to Spill / Broken Chairs
Beatles / Two of Us / Let it Be
Lovin Spoonful / Daydream
J. Geils Band / Centerfold
Bangles / Walk Like an Egyptian
Gaslight Guzzlers / Whistlin' Col.
Professor Longhair / Big Chief
John Lennon / Jealous Guy
They Might Be Giants / Whistlin in the Dark
*the first song I played which did not feature whistling
Cansei De Ser Sexy / Music is my Hot Hot Sex / CSS

There it is. I had fun, even if I had a relative lack of callers. One caller did suggest that I imagine I am kissing a beautiful girl when trying to whistle. This did not help.

Finding whistling songs was alot harder than I imagined, but luckily I had some help. Thanks to Gary for sending me a whistlin' mix a year or so ago that spawned this idea and contributed many of the great tunes. Also thanks to Pete, Drew, Josh and Ryan for their help.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

number 2

Music is My Girlfriend #2 was, I think, in many ways superior to the first show, but still not without its miscues and whatnot. Hooking up my iPod is still a precarious idea as I have played the wrong song a number of times when I am hurrying to cue a track. This makes me look like an idiot (especially when I intro the song as one and play another). The solution? Burn more CDs in preparation or be more careful.

My good friend Ryan from home is in town for a couple days, so it was nice having him in the studio. Thanks to Kellan, Kristen, Josh, Andrew & Donny for also stopping by.

This is what happened...

Artist / Song / Album

Robin Hood theme (animated version)
Velvet Underground / Venus in Furs / 1966 Acetate Demo
April March / Chick Habit / Death Proof Soundtrack
Velvet Underground / Waiting for My Man / 1966 Acetate Demo
Vietnam / Priest, Poet & Pig / Vietnam
Menomena / Wet and Rusting / Friend and Foe
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists / Bottle of Buckie / Living with the Living
Malajube / La Monogramie / Trompe L'oeil
Old Crow Medicine Show / Old Virginia Creeper / Big Iron World
Old Crow Medicine Show / Union Maid / Big Iron World
Spring Creek Bluegrass / Memories of Greenbrier / Rural and Cosmic Bluegrass
Jarvis Cocker / Fat Children / Jarvis
Man Man / Black Mission Goggles / 6 Demon Bag
Electrelane / To the East / No Shouts, No Calls
The Blow / Parentheses / Paper Television
Fiest / My Moon, My Man / My Moon, My Man Single
David Byrne / The Man Who Loved Beer / Grown Backwards
The National / Fake Empire / The Boxer
The Mary Onettes / Lost / The Mary Onettes
Jens Lekman / A Sweet Summer Night on Hammersmith Hill / Oh, You're So Silent Jens
Rappers Delight Club / When We Were Kids
Klaxons / Atlantis to Interzone / Myths of the Near Future
Muscles / Ice Cream
Bonde Do Role / Solta O Frango / Solta O Frango Single
LCD Soundsystem / Someone Great / Sound of Silver
LCD Soundsystem / All my Friends / Sound of Silver
The Blow / Hey Boy / Poor Aim: Love Songs
One-Two / O-Hot Brain (Pedro & Panama remix)
The Knife / We Share Our Mother's Health / Silent Shout
Junior Boys / In The Morning (Hot Chip remix) / Dead Horse EP

tune in next week for something great

Friday, April 6, 2007


I remembered a couple songs I played during the "?" of the previous playlist. Not sure if these two songs fill the entire gap, but they could...

Peter Bjorn & John / Young Folks / Writer's Block
Junior Boys / In the Morning / So This is Goodbye

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Music is My Girlfriend V. 1

Well the first edition of Music is My Girlfriend has come and gone. I won't say it was an unqualified success, but it was a success nonetheless. I am moderately happy with my music selections, but I think with more preparation I can do a lot better and have a more focused show. The way I see it, the show can only get better.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the studio during the show (Drew, Josh, Arvin, Kellan, Aly, Kristen, Sarah, Kendall, Laurie, am I forgetting anyone?). It was great having you all there.

Here's the playlist from the first show (April 2, 2007). A portion of this playlist was recorded retroactively, so there is a slight gap where I can't recall what I played. Sorry.

Artist / Song / Album
Robin Hood Theme (animated version) - Intro
Cansei De Ser Sexy / Music is my Hot Hot Sex / CSS
Hot Chip / Over and Over / The Warning
!!! / Heart of Hearts / Myth Takes
Menomena / Wet + Rusting / Friend and Foe
Matt and Kim / Yea Yeah / Matt and Kim
B52s / Rock Lobster
Madonna / Like a Virgin (by request from The Steep/Laura)
The Pipettes / Pull Shapes / We Are the Pipettes
Freeform Five / No More Conversations (Mylo remix)
Kylie Minogue v. New Order / Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head
Notwist / Consequence / Neon Golden
Cibo Matto / Sci Fi Wasabi / Essential Cibo Matto
Stereolab / Margarine Eclipse / Maragrine Eclipse
The Sonics / Money / Here Come the Sonics
Los Straight Jackets / Dizzy Miss Lizzy / Rock en Espanol v. 1
Man Man / Black Mission Goggles / Six Demon Bag
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists / Sons of Cain / Living with the Living
The Sonics / Psycho / Here Come the Sonics
Arcade Fire / Keep the Car Running / Neon Golden
Belle & Sebastian / Get Me Away I'm Dying / If You're Feeling Sinister
Old 97s / Buick City Complex / Satellite Rides
Martin Sexton / Goin' to the Country / Seeds
Greg Laswell / Through Toledo / Through Toledo
Rhett Miller / Terrible Vision / The Instigator
Joe Jackson Band / Take it Like a Man / V. 4
Rod Stewart / Every Picture Tells a Story
Say Hi to Your Mom / Let's Talk About Spaceships / Numbers and Mumbles
Fujiya and Miyagi / Collarbone / Transparent Things
The Avalances / Ray of Zdarlight
Jackson 5 / I Want You Back (Z-Trip remix) / Motown Remixed
LCD Soundsystem / Tribulations / LCD Soundsystem
Soulwax / Krack