Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back to 2 Hours

After an 8 hour radio show, two hours seemed so easy to fill. Armed with a CD full of new music and several excellent new releases in the studio, the show flew by rather quickly. Thanks to Burke and Josh for stopping by and helping me celebrate as the clock struck midnight and it became October 30th, my Birthday. Also thanks to Tom for calling in and chatting even though the stream wasn't working.

We finally got the Muscles album in the studio, featuring the amazing track "Ice Cream" that you may remember me playing constantly several months ago. Havn't listened to the whole album yet, but hopefully it lives up to that track.

In other news, Burke recently got a regular Sunday night radio slot from 10 till midnight, meaning that Teocalli Tamale employees are the closing DJs Monday, Thursday and Sunday nights. Also, fellow employee Drew has the noon-2pm show on Mondays. We are taking over KBUT.

An mp3 of this show is linked below. It starts in the middle of the first song, "Ice Cream", and goes through part of Hot Chip's "My Piano" -

Music is My Girlfriend - 10/29/07

Artist / Song

Muscles / Ice Cream
LCD Soundsystem / All My Friends (live on KCRW)
Jens Lekman / The Opposite of Hallelujah
TV on the Radio / Me-I
Band of Horses / No One's Gonna Love You
Ra Ra Riot / St. Peter's Day Festival (live)
Ghostland Observatory / Stranger Lover
Muscles / Chocolate Raspberry Lemon and Lime
the Pipettes / Pull Shapes
Walter Meego / Through a Keyhole
Kevin Drew / Safety Bricks
Devendra Banhart / Lover
Pas Chic Chic / Tes Cliches Declenches
Cave Singers / Elephant Clouds
Beirut / Nantes
Sunset Rubdown / The Taming of the Hands That Came Back to Life
Cansei De Ser Sexy / Music is my Hot Hot Sex
Bonde Do Role / Marina Do Bairro
Muscles / Hey Muscles I Love You
Hot Chip / My Piano
Menomena / Weird (Dekoder remix)
Black Kids / Hurricane Jane
Hold F*ck / Lovely Allen
Peter Bjorn and John / Up Against the Wall
Jesu / Silver (Original Beats)
Cut Copy / So Haunted

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dear Arcade Fire,

Notes from Arcade Fire, live at Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL 5/18/07 & live at Red Rocks, Denver, CO 9/17/07

Dear Arcade Fire,

It's taken me a while to comprehend and translate your epic live show into words, but I think it finally hit me the other day. Listening to KBUT as I went about my working day, another DJ played "No Cars Go" and I literally had to stop what I was doing. Back flooded the memories of two great evenings spent enjoying the splendor of your performance and sound. You don't put on a body-moving party ala !!!, but it seems every song builds upon the previous to create an endless stream of climatic anthems. As the familiar refrain of "No Cars Go" echoed out the aged Teocalli Tamale speakers, a familiar happiness came over me and I couldn't help but smile. Perhaps this is what the best artists can do in a live setting. Their live shows so positively impact their recorded output that each type of listening experience propels the other into a new level of satisfaction. Seeing the live show reminds one of the first time they heard "Rebellion (Lies)" on a friend's stereo. Hearing Neon Bible's "Keep the Car Running" reminds one of the lights and spectacle of the rich live version.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that some may have overstated the great heights of your live show. You are not "the best live band in the world," but you are really, really, really great.


Other reviews, photos, and downloads:
Chicago Theatre - Rockitecture blog
Red Rocks - Bod Digital blog
Red Rocks - Westword Photos
Gorilla vs. Bear link to NPR recording of NYC concert

Ra Ra Riot

Interested in my new favorite band? If so, head over to Daytrotter.com for some free downloads of their live studio session (and a needlessly verbose description of the band). Live versions of Music is My Girlfriend favorites "Each Year" and "Dying is Fine" bookend unreleased recordings of the Kate Bush cover "Suspended in Gaffa" and new track "St. Peter's Day Festival". The latter is the first time I've heard this track fleshed out, but you can hear the sparse, acoustic version at their myspace page . I vaguely recall hearing "Suspended in Gaffa" performed at the Monolith Festival and it was great.

Dear Jose Gonzalez,

Notes from Jose Gonzalez, live at the Bluebird Theatre, Denver, CO - 10/12/07

Dear Jose Gonzalez,

Frankly, I was rather amazed with your virtuosic solo performance last Friday night. Although I have seen few solo singer/songwriter types in the live setting, I imagine that your impressive guitar chops are hard to beat. As a non-guitarist, seeing you play live displayed your perfectionist brand of wizardry in a way that I can't sense on your recordings. While your albums tend to feel flat over their entirety, your live show had its share of ups and downs and amazing moments (like your stunning encore version of "Crosses"). What really comes across live is how your classical style of playing blends with your pop songwriting to find strong melodies and hooks within the intricate picking (see "Cycling Trivialities"). Your new album's tracks sounded just as great as the old, and your mid-set cover of The Knife's "Heartbeats" provided the audience with the hum/sing-along they were waiting for.

Next time you visit, however, please don't make the audience wait an hour between the opener and yourself. You nearly had a riot on your hands.


P.S. I enjoyed your closing cover of the Smiths' "Love Will Tear Us Apart." It's melancholy lyrics match well with your own, although I'm sure you can make your transposition more intricate with time and practice.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I had a great time Monday, October 15th in the studio. No, I didn't get many callers or do a theme show, I just had fun and played a mix of old and new tracks. I think it was one of my better shows of late, so download the mp3 and decide for yourself.

A recording of this week's sterling show is linked below. This runs from the beginning through most of Modest Mouse's "Spitting Venom".

Music is My Girlfriend, 10/15/07

Artist / Song

Observatory Ghostland / Sad Sad City
Radiohead / Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Los Campesinos! / You! Me! Dancing!
Black Kids / I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
Electrelane / Cut and Run
Cave Singers / Seeds of Night
Iron and Wine / White Tooth Man
Jose Gonzalez / Cycling Trivialities
Devendra Banhart / Seahorse
Lou Reed / Vicious
The Strokes / Between Love and Hate
Modern Lovers / 96 Tears (live)
Black Lips / Not a Problem (live)
Richard Hell and the Voidoids / Blank Generation
The Jam / That's Entertainment (demo)
Modest Mouse / Spitting Venom
the Notwist / Pilot
Beirut / Nantes (live on KEXP)
M. Ward / Magic Trick
Ra Ra Riot / Dying is Fine
The Archivist / Jeremiah
Citay / First Fantasy
Beirut / La Bonlieu
A Mountain of One / Brown Piano (remake by Studio)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


In the mood for yet another theme show, I decided to go back in time a bit and play only tracks that were pre-1980. This lead to alot of 60s garage rock and plenty of 70s punk, with a healthy dose of Jonathan Richman included. It was a good time, but a few technical glitches marred the show.

You can listen to this show by clicking below. The recording runs from the beginning through The 13th Floor Elevators' "You're Gonna Miss Me" (which some of you may remember from the movie High Fidelity). The link is now a hotlink, meaning you don't have to go to megaupload and type in the password. Much easier.

Music is My Girlfriend - 10/8/07

Artist / Song

Television / See No Evil
Talking Heads / Stay Hungry
Buzzcocks / Ever Fallen in Love
Velvet Underground / Waiting for the Man
Count Five / Psychotic Reaction
The Outsiders / Time Won't Let Me
Rare Breed / Beg, Borrow and Steal
Modern Lovers / Roadrunner (Once)
Modern Lovers / She Cracked
Jonathan Richman / New England
Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers / Ride on Down the Highway (live)
Modern Lovers / Hospital
Nick Drake / Pink Moon
Nick Drake / Blues Run the Game
Cat Stevens / Wild World
Van Morrison / Everyone
The Standells / Dirty Water
Sonics / Strychnine
Monks / Oh, How to Do Now
Love / 7 & 7 Is
13th Floor Elevators / You're Gonna Miss Me
Clash / Janie Jones
Jam / In the City
Damned / New Rose
Sex Pistols / Holidays in the Sun
Clash / Garageland
Kinks / This Time Tomorrow
Kinks / The Village Green Preservation Society
Talking Heads / Don't Worry About the Government (live 77)
Velvet Underground / Some Kinda Love (live)
Velvet Underground / Over You (live)
Television / Marquee Moon

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A-Z, Round II

Following the relative success of my first A-Z show back in June, I knew I would be doing another at some point. With a wealth of alphabetically-diverse new music in my hands, I decided to resurrect the theme for Monday, October 1st. If you missed it last time, A-Z is where I play one song from one artist of each letter of the alphabet. Look at the playlist and you'll figure it out. As per my brother's comment in June, I did follow proper alphabetizing procedure (ex. last names are counted, not first names). It was a fun show and the timing was perfect. Thanks to Burke for stopping by and recommending some Quicksilver Messenger Service and Frank Zappa. Q and Z are always tough spots to fill. Part of my mission was to play some somewhat bizarre and interesting new music, so when my friend Katie told me the next day that my show was "weird," I took it as a compliment.

I recorded this show, so if you weren't able to tune in you can click below and download the first 80 minutes (just type the three letter code near the top of the page). The recording runs from A (Akron/Family) through most of R (Ra Ra Riot).

Music is My Girlfriend, 10/1/07 - MP3

Artist / Song

Akron/Family / Lake Song/New Ceremonial Music for Moms
Black Kids / I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
Citay / First Fantasy
Deerhoof / Kidz are so Small
Eels / Trouble with Dreams
the Field / Paw in my Face
Jose Gonzalez / The Nest
Glen Hansard / Say It to Me Now
Iron and Wine / Innocent Bones
Jonquil / Lions
Kig Khan and BBQ Shrine / Blow My Top
Limes / Beyond Blue
Monks / Oh, How to Do Now
New Pornographers / My Rights Versus Yours
Okkervil River / Unless Its Kicks
Pitter Pat / Emergency
Quicksilver Messenger Service / I Found Love
Ra Ra Riot / Dying is Fine
Sunset Rubdown / Winger-Wicked Things
Tokyo Police Club / Citizens of Tomorrow
Unicorns / Innoculate the Innocuous
Vampire Weekend / Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Wrens / 13 Months in 6 Minutes
XTC / Making Plans for NIgel
Yeasayer / Sunrise
Frank Zappa / Don't Eat the Yellow Snow