Saturday, November 7, 2009

Traveling With Moving

I'll be back in the heartland for the next week+, so there will be no Music is My Girlfriend shows on November 9th & 16th. Look for a triumphant return to my normal slot on the 23rd. I'll also be filling in later that night (10:30pm-12:30am MT). Perhaps a proper "DJ" set???!!!!

Anyhow, thanks for your undying support.

In other news, here are some roadtrip thoughts after the ~20 hour drive to Chicago:
- Iowa's "Modern" Rest Stops are outstanding. The entire Interstate system should have wireless. (The non-Modern ones are not so great, but I did urinate on some corn stalks).
- Why do people build nice houses in the country within yards of the interstate?
- Hotels are overrated. Bring a sleeping bag & nap in your trunk!
- David Sedaris solely accounted for 5+ hours of wonderful drive time listening.
- Mike's Mexolina is not nearly as delicious when it's room temp. Same goes for Green Chile Pesto.
- How did it take me so long to jump on the podcast bandwagon?
- Caribou makes a mediocre cappuccino.
- Traveling with a french press is severely underrated.

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