Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dear Martin Sexton,

Notes from Martin Sexton, live at Boulder Theatre in Boulder, CO, April 26, 2007

Dear Martin Sexton,

You, sir, have an amazing voice and are surely a talented musician. Perhaps, then, you should rethink this band you currently have touring with you. The highlights of the evening all occurred when the band took a break and your voice could stand alone with your guitar. Sadly though, these moments were few and far between. Work on this.

Another note of concern... you received the greatest crowd response upon playing cover songs. After releasing seven albums, wouldn't you think you would have a couple massive crowd pleasers? Sure, "Folsom Prison Blues" is an unbeatable track, especially when played jugband-style (also the only point of the show in which your band complemented your voice/songs). But Billy Preston's "Will It Go Round in Circles"? A great song, but it shouldn't be a true concert highlight at the expense of your own compositions. Maybe its just me, but I don't totally dig your songwriting. This is purely my taste, but your lyrics are far too simplistic and obtuse while lacking in wit and irreverence.

Finally, you strangely resemble Jack Black both while and while not singing. This is unfortunate for you and distracting for the audience. Sorry.

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