Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back in the Saddle

With nothing too special planned for my triumphant return to DJing yesterday night, I simply trotted out a bevy of new music that had caught my ear during various 20 hour car rides. Here's the playlist:

Artist / Song / Album

Mystery Jets / Scarecrows in the Rain / Zootime
Feist / My Moon My Man / The Reminder *call-in request
Spoon / The Underdog / Ga Ga Ga Ga
Voxtrot / Kid Gloves / Voxtrot
Art Brut / Post Soothing Out / Its a Bit Complicated
Matt Pond PA / Reading / If You Want Blood
Electrelane / Cut and Run / No Shouts, No Calls
White Stripes / Icky Thump / Icky Thump
Dinosaur Jr. / We're Not Alone / Beyond
Talking Heads / Hey Now / True Stories
Paul McCartney / Ever Present Past / Memory Almost Full
Electrelane / The Lighthouse / No Shouts, No Calls
They Might Be Giants / I'm Impressed / The Else
The Shaky Hands / Clapping Song / The Shaky Hands
Architecture in Helsinki / Heart it Races / Single
Beirut / Postcards from Italy / Gulag Orkestar
Bonde Do Role / Marina do Baireo / With Lasers
Architecture in Helsinki / Heart it Races (As Played by Dr Dog) / Single
Bonde Do Role / Tieta / With Lasers
!!! / Yadnus / Myth Takes
Dan Deacon / Woody Woodpecker / Spiderman of the Rings
Joakim / Drumtrax / Monsters and Silly Songs
LCD Soundsystem / Freak Out / All my Friends Single
Franz Ferdinand / All My Friends / All my Friends Single
Junior Boys / In The Morning (Hot Chip remix) / Dead Horse EP

That's about it. I am nearing the ability to post mp3s of a couple of my shows, so look forward to that. Also a few other concert notes may appear up here soon. Be good.

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