Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Wow, this is surely the fastest that I have posted a playlist from a show, but I am still very much awake and still pretty excited about tonight's show. I don't think it was my best and certainly not my most put together show, but I did have a record number of callers for a late night show. Thanks to all the unknown people who called in tonight to ask what I was playing, make a request or simply say they were enjoying the show. You all made my night.

As for the music, I had burned 3 discs worth of material for tonight's show. These consisted of songs that I had really enjoyed over the past 3 years but had forgotten about or had simply not played recently. Of course, I left these CDs at home. Upon realizing this fact, I decided to do an A-Z show where I would play one song from one artist of each letter of the alphabet. It was a good time and got me to play some stuff I normally wouldn't have played. I reached Z about 12 minutes before 12:30am, but luckily a caller had requested some !!! and I guess punctuation goes after Z. Here goes:

Artist / Song / Album

Andrew Bird / A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left / The Mysterious Production of Eggs
Beta Band / Needles in My Eyes / The Three EPs
Chin Up Chin Up / We Should Have Never Lived Like Skyscrapers / We Should...
Datarock / Computer Camp Love / Datarock
Essex Green / Mrs. Bean
Figurines / Silver Ponds
Get Him Eat Him / Get Down! / Arms Down
Hot Chip / My Piano / DJ Kicks
I'm From Barcelona / Chicken Pox / Let Me Introduce My Friends
The Jam / That's Entertainment / Stranger Than Fiction SNDTK
Kings of Convenience / I'd Rather Dance With You / Riot on an Empty Street
Lou Reed / Andy's Chest / Transformer
Metric / On the Sky / Grew Up and Blew Away
Neutral Milk Hotel / Holland 1945 / In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Old 97s / Timebomb / Too Far to Care
Prefuse 73 / One Word Extinguisher / One Word Extinguisher
Question Mark & the Mysterians / 96 Tears (En Espanol) / More Action
Ratatat / Lex / Classics
Schneider TM / Reality Check / Zoomer
They Might Be Giants / I'm Impressed / The Else
The Uncut / Understanding the New Violence
Violent Femmes / Held Her in My Arms / Add it Up
Weezer / My Name is Jonas (live) / Blue Album Deluxe
Xiu Xiu / Crank Heart / Fabulous Muscles
Yo La Tengo / Tighten Up / Yo La Tengo is Murdering the Classics
Zero 7 / Throw It All Away / The Garden
!!! / Me and Guiliani Down by the Schoolyard / Louden Up Now
!!! / Heart of Hearts / Myth Takes

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