Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A-Z, Round II

Following the relative success of my first A-Z show back in June, I knew I would be doing another at some point. With a wealth of alphabetically-diverse new music in my hands, I decided to resurrect the theme for Monday, October 1st. If you missed it last time, A-Z is where I play one song from one artist of each letter of the alphabet. Look at the playlist and you'll figure it out. As per my brother's comment in June, I did follow proper alphabetizing procedure (ex. last names are counted, not first names). It was a fun show and the timing was perfect. Thanks to Burke for stopping by and recommending some Quicksilver Messenger Service and Frank Zappa. Q and Z are always tough spots to fill. Part of my mission was to play some somewhat bizarre and interesting new music, so when my friend Katie told me the next day that my show was "weird," I took it as a compliment.

I recorded this show, so if you weren't able to tune in you can click below and download the first 80 minutes (just type the three letter code near the top of the page). The recording runs from A (Akron/Family) through most of R (Ra Ra Riot).

Music is My Girlfriend, 10/1/07 - MP3

Artist / Song

Akron/Family / Lake Song/New Ceremonial Music for Moms
Black Kids / I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
Citay / First Fantasy
Deerhoof / Kidz are so Small
Eels / Trouble with Dreams
the Field / Paw in my Face
Jose Gonzalez / The Nest
Glen Hansard / Say It to Me Now
Iron and Wine / Innocent Bones
Jonquil / Lions
Kig Khan and BBQ Shrine / Blow My Top
Limes / Beyond Blue
Monks / Oh, How to Do Now
New Pornographers / My Rights Versus Yours
Okkervil River / Unless Its Kicks
Pitter Pat / Emergency
Quicksilver Messenger Service / I Found Love
Ra Ra Riot / Dying is Fine
Sunset Rubdown / Winger-Wicked Things
Tokyo Police Club / Citizens of Tomorrow
Unicorns / Innoculate the Innocuous
Vampire Weekend / Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
Wrens / 13 Months in 6 Minutes
XTC / Making Plans for NIgel
Yeasayer / Sunrise
Frank Zappa / Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

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Kyra said...


due to insufficient internet access, i haven't read your blog for a month or so. but today i am reaping the benefits of an unknown someone's titled "NYC."

i thoroughly enjoy your music jargon and am glad you got to go to the monolith festival. i saw ample amount of photos on some music blogs and it looked righteous with the red rocks setting the stages.

i also got to experience arcarde/lcd together, for the first and last time, last night. the combination of beats and neon was explosive. although, the much talked about surprise was lost to my comrade and i. we are still confused as to what it is or was...

anyway keep on bloggin'. i for one appreciate your music thoughts and suggestions.