Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bad Album Cover of the Week

After a refreshing Thanksgiving trip back to the Midwest, I returned to Crested Butte with a stellar new idea and a full slate of music to play. Starting this week (Nov. 26, 2007) I will be featuring an album from KBUT's studio that I deem to have an awful cover. Background information on the artist will precede a selected track from the album. As you may have noticed, I have put in a new sidebar item to feature these album covers, and in the future pictures will be uploading prior to each week's show. This fun little diversion will take place each week around 11:50pm.

Blind Jamaican reggae star Frankie Paul took home the first weekly Bad Album Cover honors, with his "Can't Get You Out of My Mind." The cover features a poor cutout of Frankie in an all white getup in front of an obnoxiously pink background. This pink disaster is nicely complimented by the salmon/peach colored background to the album's title (Picture at left). Perhaps even better than the cover, though, is Paul's cover of Technotronic's "Pump it Up" which you can hear if you download the mp3 of the evening's show.

Monday's edition of Music is My Girlfriend went swimmingly. It was nice to be back in the DJ seat after a week away, during which I was exposed to a good deal of music that had been hiding on my iPod.

An mp3 of the show is linked below. It runs from the beginning of the show through most of LCD Soundsystem's "Give it Up."

Music is My Girlfriend - 11/26/07

In other news, see the post below for the results of the "First Annual McFarren Matriarch CD Challenge."

Artist / Song

Handsome Furs / Sing! Captain
Zookeeper / Ballad of My Friends
Okkervil River / You Can't Hold the Hand of a Rock n Roll Man (live)
Junip / Chickens
Au Revoir Simone / Sad Song
Frankie Paul / Pump it Up *Bad Album Cover selection
Ghostland Observatory / Midnight Voyage
Fugazi / Arpeggiator (live)
Queens of the Stone Age / 3's & 7's (live)
Decemberists / The Soldiering Life
Nick Drake / Northern Sky
Oslo / No Regrets
King Khan & the Shrines / No Regrets
Black Lips / Not a Problem (live)
White Williams / New Violence
John Maus / My Whole World is Coming Apart
the Go! Team / Patricia's Moving Picture
Bonde Do Role / Office Boy (CSS remix)
LCD Soundsystem / Give it Up
Jens Lekman / I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You
Al Green / Jesus is Waiting
Zookeeper / Snow in Berlin
Camera Obscura / I Need All the Friends I Can Get
Kentucky Nightmare / Caroline and I
Pixies / Dig a Fire
White Rabbits / While We Go Dancing
Stars / The Ghost of Genova Heights
Dan Deacon / Wham City

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