Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Monday Night

Having gone to a birthday dinner for a friend before my show, I didn't have much chance to prepare some new tunes for Music is My Girlfriend. In a pinch, I ended up playing much of the new music that I had played the previous week, which really isn't so bad because I probably don't have very many listeners each week anyway.

This week's entrant in the Bad Album Covers segment of the show is jazz flautist Herbie Mann, whose sexually-charged album cover for 1971's Push Push has permanently scarred me. See cover at left.

Due to the lack of prep and repetition from last week, there is no mp3 for this week's show.

Artist / Song

Devendra Banhart / Seahorse
Zookeeper / Ballad of my Friends
Cave Singers / Seeds of Night
Cut Copy / So Haunted
Herbie Mann / Whats Going On
The Hives / T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.
King Khan and the Shrines / No Regrets
Talking Heads / Genious of Love
Monster Bobby / The Closest Experience...
the Pipettes / Dirty Mind
Au Revoir Simone / Sad Song
Jens Lekman / Opposite of Hallelujah
White Williams / Route to Palm
Ha Ha Tonka / Up Nights
M Ward / To Go Home
Band of Horses / No One's Gonna Love You
Walk Parade / I am a Runner...
Akron/Family / Ed is a Portal
Vampire Weekend / M79
Bela Karoli / String of Lights
Devendra Banhart / Lover
TV on the Radio / Me - I
TV on the Radio / Wolf Like Me
Ghostland Observatory / Sad Sad City

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Tom said...

you might be violating local obscenity laws by posting that album cover... i might lose my lunch.