Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Bird Courage

10/26/09 Show
Of particular note this week:

- Here you have Ernie Graham, a man whose self-titled LP from 1971 deserves some time with your ears. The two songs available at Aquarium Drunkard are the kind of soulful, bluesy ballads that no one seems to be making anymore.

- Surf City display a slighty new sound with the swirling guitars & effects on this hazy jam: "Autumn". My brother's friend's blog, Someday I'll Be Dignified & Old, first informed me of Surf City, and I couldn't thank him enough. Chad, KBUT's music director, saw these guys at CMJ in NY last week and said they were great.

- Terrificly rumbling folk-rock (complete with trumpets!) from the lead singer of The Appleseed Cast: Old Canes - "Little Bird Courage". This is really good.

Check out this week's full playlist.

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