Monday, October 5, 2009

Luv Goon

10/5/09 Show
Of particular note this week:

- Free Energy has already released one of my favorite tracks of the year in "Dream City", so I was excited to see another song of their's emerge onto my radar. "Something in Common" wears its Strokes & Phoenix influences on its sleeve, which isn't a bad thing. Still, its no "Dream City", but I just bought the EP on iTunes anyway.

- Vampire Weekend created quite a stir today. A countdown clock appeared on their website, and upon striking zero (roughly 12:30pm MT), a new song was available for download! Check out the intriguing "Horchata" at their website. Their album Contra sees official release on January 12th in these parts.

- The upcoming Los Campesinos! release keeps getting better. Stream the terrific new single - "There Are Listed Buildings". I can't wait till "early 2010".

- Julian Casablancas, (former?) lead singer of The Strokes, drops his Phrazes for the Young album in a couple weeks. Check out the quite good lead single "11th Dimension", which finds him crooning over surprisingly complex electronic instrumentation Stream it here.

- Pearl Harbor are shaping up to be among the most consistent and best of the lo-fi wave. Aren't we all just Luv Goons?

- Brilliant Colors shared this noise-laden pop ditty with the world: "Absolutely Anything"

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