Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Songs from Good Movies

With a short prep week (due to my Thursday show), I decided to emplore an idea that had been developing for some time: two hours of songs from Wes Anderson films. Besides loving his films in their own rights, each film is blessed with an exceptional soundtrack and wonderful original compositions. The wealth of choices made it easy to have a a good and fun show. (You may notice a lack of songs from both Bottle Rocket and The Darjeeling Limited. Neither KBUT nor I have the soundtrack to these films, so I only had 3 songs from each film to work with). It ended up being probably my longest playlist due to the shortness of the songs and the wealth of instrumental tracks which I used as background music during my promos and other talking bits.

I tried to record this show, but unfortunately the CD burner malfunctioned and all was lost. It was a really fun and put-together show, so I'm rather bummed about that.

Artist / Song / Film

Mark Mothersbaugh / Scrapping & Yelling / Royal Tenenbaums
Creation / Making Time / Rushmore
Iggy and the Stooges / Search & Destroy / Life Aquatic
Ramones / Judy is a Punk / Royal Tenenbaums
the Velvet Underground / Stephanie Says / Royal Tenenbaums
Mark Mothersbaugh / The Lad with the Silver Button / Rushmore
Kinks / Nothing in the World... / Rushmore
Seu Jorge / Life on Mars? / Life Aquatic
Mark Mothersbaugh / No Lifeguard on Duty / Bottle Rocket
Unit 4 + 2 / Concrete to Clay / Rushmore
Kinks / This Time Tomorrow / Darjeeling Limited
Scott Walker / 30 Century Man / Life Aquatic
Bob Dylan / Wigwam / Royal Tenenbaums
Mark Mothersbaugh / Let Me Tell You About my Boat / Life Aquatic
Faces / Oh La La / Rushmore
Clash / Police and Thieves / Royal Tenenbaums
Proclaimers / Over and Done With / Bottle Rocket
Cat Stevens / Here Comes My Baby / Rushmore
David Bowie / Queen Bitch / Life Aquatic
Mark Mothersbaugh / Lindbergh Palace Hotel Suite / Royal Tenenbaums
Rolling Stones / Play with Fire / Darjeeling Limited
Nico / These Days / Royal Tenenbaums
Devo / Gut Feeling / Life Aquatic
Mark Mothersbaugh / Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op / Life Aquatic
Nick Drake / Fly / Royal Tenenbaums
Seu Jorge / Rebel Rebel / Life Aquatic
Mark Mothersbaugh / 111 Archer Avenue / Royal Tenenbaums
The Who / A Quick One While He's Away / Rushmore
Mark Mothersbaugh / Look at That Old Grizzly Bear / Royal Tenenbaums
Elliott Smith / Needle in the Hay / Royal Tenenbaums
Mark Mothersbaugh / Dignan's Dance / Bottle Rocket
Paco De Lucia / La Vina de Puerta Oscura / Life Aquatic
Rolling Stones / She Smiles Sweetly / Royal Tenenbaums
Cat Stevens / Here Comes My Baby / Rushmore
Van Morrison / Everyone / Royal Tenenbaums
Chad and Jeremy / A Summer Song / Rushmore
Kinks / Strangers / Darjeeling Limited
Emitt Rhodes / Lullabye / Royal Tenenbaums
Seu Jorge / Starman / Life Aquatic
Zoot Sims / Blinuet / Rushmore
Paul Simon / Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard / Royal Tenenbaums
Seu Jorge / Changes / Life Aquatic
Mark Mothersbaugh / Sparkplug Minuet / Royal Tenenbaums

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