Wednesday, February 6, 2008

White-boy dreads

Monday's show turned out to be a mix of some new and "old" tracks since I didn't have much time to prepare for this one. Too much excitement over the weekend with my brother in town. It turned out to a be a good and relatively diverse show. I ended things at midnight since I knew I was getting up extra early to hit the powder-filled slopes the next morning.

This week's "Bad Album Cover" is the hideously childlike cover to Thelonious Monster's "Stormy Weather" which was released on an unsuspecting public in 1989. Thelonious Monster is a punk band from LA led by a chap named Bob Forrest. I am guessing that's Bob in the lower right hand corner sporting the awfully ridiculous white-boy dreads. Usually I play a selection from the offending album during the show, but I didn't have the heart to subject my audience to that this time. I think it was Bob's dreads that ruined it for me.

The CD burner and I are having a bit of a spat lately. No mp3 once again. I'll try and get this figured out. Sorry Adam.

Artist / Song

Vampire Weekend / M79
MGMT / Kids
Oh No! Oh My! / Walk in the Park
Art Brut / People in Love
Black Lips / O Katrina
Say Hi / Northwestern Girls
Arcade Fire / Headlights Look Like Diamonds
Mahjongg / Mercury
Holy F*ck / Lovely Allen
The Clash / Janie Jones
Kings of Leon / Happy Alone
Kinks / Animal Farm
Yeasayer / Sunrise
MGMT / Time to Pretend
Zookeeper / Ballad of my Friends
Xiu Xiu / Crank Heart
Spoon / You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
White Stripes / Rag and Bone
Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Maps
Tap Tap / 100,000 Thoughts
Wilco / Jesus, etc.
Hot Chip / Hold On
DJ Shadow / Organ Donor (extended overhaul)

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Eric said...

Just a quick note that it *is* an awful CD cover but it is also an *awfully* good record. Uneven maybe, but the good stuff is very very good. That whole judging books and covers thing.

Recommend "Oh (No Sense At All)" or "Colorblind"