Thursday, February 28, 2008

Against the Wind

Woohoo! The pledge drive ended Monday morning well before my show started, making my job much easier that night. No pitches, no premiums, no pledging. Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped end the pledge drive quicker than the last.

This week's Bad Album Cover wall of shame winner is none other than Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band's "Against the Wind," certainly the most famous entrant to date. Really, Bob? Ethereal painted horses? Far too reminiscient of those groovy painted vans of yesteryear for my tastes.

Again, no mp3 this week. Until the burner is working for me again, I am going back to the format of linking many songs to their individual mp3s. Enjoy the tracks.

Artist / Song

French Kicks / One More Time
Benoit Pioulard / Triggering Back
Tom Thumb / Preach
Nat Baldwin / Lake Erie
DeVotchKa / Transliterator
Rogue Wave / Lake Michigan
Beach House / Wedding Bell
Margot & the Nuclear So & Sos / Children's Crusade on Acid
Bowerbirds / Dark Horse
Beirut / Postcards From Italy
Jacob Golden / On a Saturday
Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin / Modern Mystery
Schneider TM / Reality Check
Modern Lovers / Dignified & Old
Essex Green / Don't Know Why You Stay
Vampire Weekend / I Stand Corrected
Raveonettes / Dead Sound
Die! Die! Die! / Sideways Here We Come
Stephen Malkmus / Gardenia
Pixies / Hey
Built to Spill / Broken Chains
Velvet Underground / Oh! Sweet Nothin'
Man Man / Top Drawer
State Bird / I Saw the Light
Benoit Pioulard / Palimend
Tapes n Tapes / Hang Them All
M.I.A. / Paper Planes (Holy F*ck remix)
Hot Chip / Shake a Fist

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