Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sun is Out

7/15/09 Fill-In Show
Charging ahead with the updates and new format... I switched shows with my friend and softball colleague Kelly Jensen last week, which allowed me more time to hang out with my parents while they were in CB. His Wednesday show is similar enough in format to mine that I didn't feel any pressure to change the normal routine, as you'll see below. There are certainly some promising links this week.

Of particular note this week:
- The Brooklyn band Suckers continue to catch my ear. When will they get around to releasing a proper full length? Check out their Daytrotter Session, which features several new & fantastic songs.

- The new Jay Reatard album comes out on August 4th, and I couldn't be more excited. The second track we've heard from Watch Me Fall is this little gem: Wounded

- This could almost be another Jay Reatard track: A Grave With No Name - Sofia

- Can't stop playing this equally sad and joyous new track from Local Natives: Airplanes

- Another terrificly dusty, lo-fi summer jam by a band with a wonderfully nostalgic name: Reading Rainbow - The Sun is Out

- Cheery & slightly funky new song from The Clientele: I Wonder Who We Are

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