Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dream City

7/20/09 Show
Of particular note this week:

- I love this song, which is almost a given because it comes out on DFA records. In a wonderful change of pace, however, its not a danceable electro song, but instead a classic 70s rock throwback that makes me want to drive nowhere in particular with someone in particular. Free Energy - Dream City

- Hadn't heard of Mark Mulcahy until this week, but I can tell I've been missing out on his expert songcraft for far too long (I'm downloading one of his albums on iTunes are I type). What looks to be an awesome tribute/compilation record comes out in September, featuring a long list of prominent artists that are all in it for a heartbreakingly good cause. Listen to songs and read more about the story & artists after the jump. There's two of his original tracks, and an excellent cover by the National included (and you can stream the Thom Yorke cover too!). This will be one of those albums you have to buy (instead of, you know, downloading it for free).

- There's a new Spoon single, which is always cause for celebration: Got Nuffin

- Richard Swift hit up the Daytrotter studios this week, and its all good: Richard Swift @ Daytrotter

- The interwebs are certainly abuzz about this collaboration between artists who, in my opinion, are fairly overrated. Still, its a good song: Atlas Sound w/ Panda Bear - Walkabout

- Have been getting a good rash of positive phone calls lately during my shows, which always buoys my spirits when I start to feel uninspired about doing this every week. This week requests for Iron & Wine and the Clash made it onto the show.

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