Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Felt Stupid

9/21/09 Show
Of particular note this week:

- It's snowing in Crested Butte, but if you're still soaking up summer's rays I'd recommend "I Felt Stupid" by The Drums as a soundtrack. It's not exactly "an altogether new thing" as the track-ending sample suggests, but it might be the song of the week.

- The Soft Pack: they play fast, clean punk-pop that is more reminiscient of early Green Day than, say, The Thermals. Plus, they have a rad stand-up drummer. Check out a couple new songs and videos at My Old Kentucky Blog. Saw them at Monolith a couple years ago (I think they were still calling themselves the Muslims back then), and they were great.

- A new song from Brooklyn's Suckers has surfaced, and sadly, its my least favorite of their efforts to date. Too much buildup for a song that goes nowhere on a stately beat.

- Basic, happy, affirmative pop rock from the Parson Red Heads. Nothing revelatory, but nothing to scoff at.

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