Thursday, April 26, 2007

soundtracks are my girlfriend

First, a quick update: I will not be filling in tomorrow (Friday) because I will be in Denver (for a Martin Sexton concert) and basically out of Crested Butte. My buddy Drew is taking that time slot, so tune in for some good tunes from him if you like.

Following a successful whistling themed show the prior week, I decided to try out another themed edition of music is my girlfriend. This week it would be only music from soundtracks, preferably lesser known tracks if that would fly.

Artist / Song / Soundtrack

Roger Miller / Whistle-stop / Robin Hood (animated)
Huey Piano Lewis and the Clowns / Don't You Just Know It / Snatch
April March / Chick Habit / Death Proof
Santa Esmerelda / Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / Kill Bill V 1
Marvin Gaye / Got 2 Give It Up (pt 1) / Boogie Nights
The Jam / That's Entertainment (demo) / Stranger Than Fiction
ELO / Mr. Blue Sky / Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Beta Band / Broken Up a Ding Dong / Igby Goes Down
Chris Farley / Fat Guy in a Little Coat / Tommy Boy
Molotov v. Dub Pistols / Here Comes the Mayo / Y Tu Mama Tambien
Dust Brothers / Space Monkey / Fight Club
Bruce Willis / Zed's Dead / Pulp Fiction
The Centurians / Bullwinkle Part II / Pulp Fiction
Mark Mothersbaugh / Ping Island-Lightning Strike Rescue Op / The Life Aquatic
Dr. No - James Bond Theme (Symphonic Version)
Cab Calloway / Minnie the Moocher / Blues Brothers
Taj Mahal / Ajax Piano Rag / Scrapple
Cat Stevens / Here Comes My Baby / Rushmore * request by Kyra
Lisa Loeb / Stay / Reality Bites * request by Sarah
Velvet Underground / Stephanie Says / Royal Tenenbaums
Folksmen / Start Me Up / Mighty Wind
And Now LIttle Green Bag... / Reservoir Dogs
George Baker Selection / Little Green Bag / Reservoir Dogs
Warren Zevon / Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead / same * request by Josh
The Muppets / FInale: the Magic Show / Muppet Movie
Pearl Jam / State of Love and Trust / Singles
Dr. Teeth + The Electric Mayhem / Can You Picture That / Muppet Movie * request by Drew
Soggy Bottom Boys / I am A Man of Constant Sorrow / O Brother Where Art Thou
Mazzy Star / Fade Into You / Angus
Craig DeGraff / Scooby Doo Mega Mix / Scooby's Snack Trax
Beck / Feather in Your Cap / Suburbia
13th Floor Elevators / You / High Fidelity
Al Hirt / Green Hornet / Kill Bill V 1
Chris Farley & David Spade / Graduation / Tommy Boy
Joy Division / Atmosphere / Trainspotting
Scherzo / Ninth Symphony: Second Movement / Clockwork Orange

Thanks to Josh, Drew & Andrew for hanging out in the studio and helping me make selections. Thanks to Sarah, Matt, Kyra and anyone else out there who was listening on the internet from oh so far away.

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