Sunday, March 30, 2008

Plenty o' Links

Nothing too special to report about this week's show. A bunch of newly downloaded songs made up the bulk of it, so you all can reap the rewards with the plethora of links below.

No Bad Album Cover this week. Its getting hard to find the really good ones in the vinyl section.

Artist / Song

Man Man / Top Drawer
Jay Reatard / Always Wanting More
Fiery Furnaces / Duplexes of the Dead
Born Ruffians / Little Garcon
{{{ Sunset }}} / Man's Heart Complaint
Stephan Malkmus & the Jicks / Cold Son
Jonathan Richman / Modern World
Jonathan Richman / Old World
John Vanderslice / White Dove
State Bird / Hollerin' Mountains
Beirut / La Banlieu
Man Man / Ballad of Butter Beans
Whigs / Like a Vibration
Blakes / Don't Bother Me
Black Joe Lewis / Gunpowder
Amanaz / Khala my Friend
Esau Mwamwaya / Chalo
Esau Mwamwaya / Tengazako

Kevin Barnes / Jimmy
Walkmen / The Old Revolution
Walkmen / Tonight Will Be Fine

Sparrow House / When I Am Gone
Grizzly Bear / While You Wait For Others
She & Him / Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Born Ruffians / Hedonistic Me
She & Him / I Should Have Known Better
Belle & Sebastian / If You're Feeling Sinister
Antarctica Takes It! / Circuits
Afternoon Naps / Clean Bill of Health
These Dancin Days / Hitten
Stricken City / Tak o Tak
Jonathan Visger / Fish Eyes

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