Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jackhammer Friends

8/24/09 Show
Of particular note this week:

- Started the show off with three 60s French girl groups. What could be better than that? All three songs I played are available at Aquarium Drunkard.

- Surprised I haven't linked to this song yet, but if you follow any blogs you've probably heard it before. Still, its a pretty sweet melancholy tune from San Francisco's Girls (who released the awesome "Lust for Life" earlier this year"). Give this one some time to win you over: "Hellhole Ratrace"

- The Very Best are up to it again, providing us internet-types with the B-side from "Warm Heart of Africa". Can't wait to hear this song remixed (not that it needs to be). "Yalira"

- New song from The Spinto Band, who seem to fit the Park the Van Records sound very well. Not my favorite track of theirs, but we'll see the rest of this EP turns out. "Jackhammer"

- The title track of Luke Top's Friends is a nice folky sing-a-long affair. Evidently Luke Top was also behind that Fool's Gold song I liked so much last week (it's on the LSTN #6 compilation).

- Feels like it has been used in a Wes Anderson movie, but I'm quite certain it hasn't: Scott Walker - "30 Century Man"

- In need a good roller skating song? Washed Out - "Belong". Unfortunately, Washed Out doesn't know how to end a song (have a listen).

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