Friday, August 17, 2007

Pledge Drive Show #2

With KBUT's fundraising nearing its precipice of $34,000, Music is My Girlfriend hit the airwaves this past Monday night. Having already received pledges from friends and family, I had low expectations for my week two output. However, thanks to a few generous strangers (and with the help of my in-studio friends), I raised another $300 dollars to put me at a total of $645 (approximately) for my two pledge shows. I am rather proud of this fact, and anyone who was in the studio Monday night can attest to my jubilation when we started receiving random donations from enthused listeners. One generous woman donated $100 and simply wanted to hear "Karma Police" by Radiohead. It was a great night in many facets, and perhaps more out-of-control than last week's show. I brought in a snare drum, tambourine, and cowbell so that my friends and i could play along to our favorite tunes and provide a little percussion during the spoken segments. It was good fun. Yes, there were more sing-along segments as well.

Amid all of the craziness, I failed to keep a playlist. Sorry. However, you might notice below that last week I included a number of links to mp3s and streams of songs, so keep yourself entertained by listening to those tunes. Have a good weekend.

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