Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Thoughts: Monolith Day One

Wow, that was a great day. You can expect a full report in the next day or two, but I just wanted to post some immediate reactions. Ra Ra Riot really made the day for me. I only knew one of their songs going into the set, but they blew me away. Go see this band now! Six kids who look like high school band dropouts with more raw enthusiasm and energy than the rest of the bands combined. Really a great show for them, as I think they stole it away from the big names. After their show the merch tent was swamped with people buying their EP and shirt. I bought both. Ran into them a couple times after their set and told them how great it was. I stopped after the second time so as not to appear creepy, but I really just wanted to talk to them for the rest of the night.

In other news, Decemberists and Ghostland Observatory were very entertaining in different ways. Cake was professional and acted like the headliner they were. Flosstradamus provided a great DJ set, that was unfortunately cut short for the overrated Kid Sister to take the stage. I had to leave her show early because I was worried about being the last one standing there as she aliented an audience that didn't know what to make of her. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah sounded great. Kings of Leon were ok, but have strayed far from the scratchy, Southern rock revivalists of their first record. Editors were like seeing an Interpol show. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were loud and not much else. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band puts on a great show and even had a song about their cousin being on cops in a trailer park in Speedway, IN (they are from Indy).

I am thinking about doing a radio documentary of sorts about the Monolith festival. I think it would be really great and a way to thank KBUT for letting me go to the show.

Amazing thanks to KBUT and Erin Roberts for hooking with up with a Media Pass that allowed me to be extra cool for free.

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hunta said...

"I think they stole it away from the big names" is right on. Everytime I have seen them they have outdone the headliners.

Not exactly high school dropouts though. Don't let the looks fool you. Most of them recently graduated from Syracuse U. I think that Wes, the lead singer, was a physics major.

I wish I were there with Woxy to see this monumental concert.