Friday, December 14, 2007

Certain Sort of Sound

Last Wednesday (December 5th)) I filled in for my former boss's regular time slot from 8:30-10:30 (the "Certain Sort of Sound" show). He usually plays a mix of classic rock with some jam bands thrown in, so I tried to follow suite in my own way. I made absolutely sure not to play Widespread Panic, but I did take his request to spin some Grateful Dead (this lead some listeners and friends to remark that "they didn't know I had any hippie in me"). It was fun to play a different time slot, especially one where I got a great deal of listeners and callers.

Artist / Song

Neil Young / Dance Dance Dance (live 1971)
Van Morrison / Sweet Thing
Devendra Banhart / Seahorse
Bob Dylan / If You See Her, Say Hello (live 9/16/74)
Stevie Wonder / I Wish *by request
Jerry Garcia / Back Home Again in Indiana
Grateful Dead / Tennessee Jed (live 10/19/73)
Grateful Dead / Cream Puff Way
Amboy Dukes / Baby Please Don't Go
Count Five / Psychotic Reaction
Grateful Dead / Can't Come Down
Bob Dylan / Hurricane (live)
Frank Zappa / Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Frank Zappa / Dancin' Fool
Velvet Underground / Stephanie Says
Velvet Underground / Sweet Jane (live)
David Bowie / Suffragette City
Kinks / This Time Tomorrow
Nick Drake / Pink Moon
Charlie Rich / Who Will the Next Fool Be
Al Green / Jesus is Waiting
Curtis Mayfield / Move on Up

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