Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Dash of Christmas Spirit

With Christmas on the horizon and plenty of new music in tow, I ventured into the KBUT studios for yet another edition of Music is My Girlfriend. Sufjan Stevens made a couple of appearances this week with his cheery, offbeat Christmas anthems that blended well with my mix of brand spankin' new tunes.

Thanks to Eric and Alex (Kellan's friends from out of town) for coming into the studio. Eric, I have never seen such enthusiasm for reading underwriting announcements.

There is a new "Bad Album Cover" this week, but sadly our turntables weren't working in the studio so I could only describe the album without musical accompaniment. Kelis' "Young Fresh N' New" won the award this week for looking much like Frankie Paul's previous award winner. However, Kelis' album did not come out in the 80s/early 90s (it was released in 2001) and it shows no signs of irony.

Sorry, I am out of music CD-Rs for recording my show. No mp3 this week!

Artist / Song

Brazos / Mary Jo
the JBs / Pass the Peas
Jonquil / Whistle Low
Sufjan Stevens / Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!
DJ STV SLV / Got Your Smoke
White Williams / New Violence
Radiohead / Unravel (Pocket mix)
Bon Iver / Skinny Love
Zookeeper / Ballad of My Friends
John P. Strohm / Where is my Mind?
Atlas Sound / I'll Be Your Mirror
Tyler Ramsey / These Days
Yeasayer / 2080
Devendra Banhart / Lover
Grateful Dead / Loser *by request
Cave Singers / Elephant Clouds
Beirut / Elephant Gun
Chromatics / In the City
Sufjan Stevens /
!!! / Heart of Hearts
Department of Eagles / No One Does it Like You (demo)
Ra Ra Riot / Each Year
Of Montreal / The Past is a Grotesque Animal
LCD Soundsystem / All My Friends

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