Thursday, December 20, 2007

KBUT's New Website

For anyone who has been or has been trying to listen to the KBUT stream from, you may have noticed that the main website content has not been updated since July! Thankfully, the fully-new and improved KBUT website has recently been deployed. I highly recommend checking it out.
My Profile
*** edit 12/21 - Oh wow, they just posted the profile picture that I submitted and it looks even more ridiculous than I ever imagined. I imagine I will change it in the near future, but enjoy it while it lasts. (p.s. I had a bloody nose and no tissues to mop up the mess. And no, I didn't faint)

There has been talk of digital archiving of shows with the new website, so you may be able to hear my shows in the their entirety in the future!

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