Friday, December 14, 2007

Old Time Dave visits KBUT

Monday night I was treated to a special surprise as I entered the KBUT studios to prepare for my show. I knew that my buddy Josh Bock was filling in for Arvin's show ahead of mine, but I was not aware that he had Old Time Dave, a folk singer/songwriter/comedian from Lyons, CO, in the studio with him. I quickly convinced Dave to stick around and sing a couple tunes to fit in with my theme of "snow". Dave went off into some quiet of corner of KBUT to contemplate his mission and came back about 30 minutes into the show with several winners. If you haven't downloaded any of my shows to date, I would highly recommend downloading this one. As a special treat, I started recording early to catch more of Old Time Dave's live music and antics. After Dave and Josh and everyone else left, a small but amazing dance party erupted in the studio, as evidenced by the last couple tracks on this week's playlist.

No "Bad Album Cover" this week, as there was just too much excitement to dig around and find a qualified recipient. Plus, Herbie Mann deserves more time.

Click below and follow the instructions to download an mp3 of this week's show:
Music is My Girlfriend - 12/10/2007

Artist / Song

Jonathan Richman / Abdominable Snowman in the Supermarket
Be Good Tanyas / Rain and Snow
Elliott Smith / Angel in the Snow
Belle and Sebastian / Winter Wooskie
Mew / Snow Brigade
Motorhead / Ace of Spades (live) *by request
King Khan & BBQ Shrine / Into the Snow
Zookeeper / Snow in Berlin
Bill Monroe / Footprints in the Snow
Old Time Dave / Watching the Snow Fall (live in studio)
Old Time Dave / Just Because (live in studio)
Old Time Dave / Snowbye (live in studio)
Au Revoir Simone / Fallen Snow
Readymade Ft Feist / Snow Lion
Mark Mothersbaugh / Snowflake Music
Grateful Dead / Cold Rain and Snow
E*vax / Snow
House and Parrish / Pristine Fields
Kentucky Nightmare / Caroline and I
Josh Ritter / Wait for Love (You Know You Will)
Hot Chip / Over and Over
Ghostland Observatory / Sad Sad City
Muscles / Ice Cream
Freeform Five / No More Conversations (mylo remix)
Bloc Party / Banquet (Phones remix)
TV on the Radio / Walk Like Me

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